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    Chung Min Keun

    Esteemed citizens and researchers!

    Fellow citizens and researchers!

    As leaving behind the eventful year of the horse, I wish peace and harmony to stay with you all in the year of the sheep symbolizing hope and peace.

    Thanks to your dedicated support and encouragement, the National Research Foundation of Korea has risen as a representative global research funding agency of Korea.

    Particularly, Public Integrity Rating Score delivered in the last year proved that the NRF had earned public confidence in terms of transparency and fairness. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the citizens for their trust.

    However, the NRF would not fall into complacency. Reminding its mission to promote creative research and nurture global talent, the NRF will strive to enhance the quality of research, maximize the utilization and awareness of research performance, and establish a world-class research supporting system.

    The Korean government once announced its initiatives committing to expand the R&D investment of the government and private sector up to five percent of GDP by 2017 in a three-year-action-plan for the national innovation.

    In line with the action plan of the government, the NRF expects that it stands out in its role on the innovation as a global leader in the research support, realizing public welfare and creating future for the nation in upcoming year

    Amid these changes, every member of the NRF will do its best in establishing a creative research environment, sophisticating the research support system, and disseminating research outcomes.

    Indeed, it's our great pleasure for each member of the NRF to serve as a stepping stone for the national innovation.

    We once again ask for your interest and support to the NRF and wish you all success in the New Year.

    Thank you.

    January 2015 Chung Min Keun, President of the National Research Foundation of Korea