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    We are opening a new horizon by supporting creative academic research
    The Light of Science and Technology and Academic Studies
    • Incubator for Creative Brains of the 21st Century!
      The NRF is a new name for knowledge creation. With its advanced research funding system, the NRF is working to fulfill dreams and produce success by creating green growth and new growth engines
      Developing Novel Fields through Convergence of Academic Disciplines
    Developing Novel Fields through Convergence of Academic Disciplines
    • The NRF is not only responsible for the overall planning of research in all areas of academic discipline but is also discovering new academic areas through the integration of different academic fields, promoting a wide range of research in such diverse fields as law and future society
      • 01. Supporting academic and R&D activities
      • 02. Fostering and utilizing researchers in academia and R&D fields
      • 03. Promoting international cooperation for academic and R&D activities
      • 04. Facilitating the survey, analysis, and application of useful resources for research funding as well as development of policies
      • 05. Assisting in managing research performed by academic and R&D organizations
      • 06. Promoting cooperative exchange between domestic and overseas institutes and organizations in the fields of academia and R&D