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· Program

Social Sciences Korea (SSK)

· Directorate

Directorate for Humanities & Social Sciences

· Program objective

Strengthen the academic independence of social sciences research and produce next-generation social scientists through systematic support for academic research in social sciences


Foster world-class think tanks to respond to national and social changes to allow them to forecast future society and propose policies to solve social issues


Provide information on research trends in Korea and overseas in the fields of humanities and social sciences and build researcher networks

· Program details
ProgramAreaEligibilityPeriodAnnual Funding*
Fostering outstanding research groupsSmall research teamAll social sciences areasFull-time university faculty and post-doc researchers**10 years(3+3+4)Up to KRW 100 million(up to USD 91 thousand)(excluding overhead cost)
Mid-sized research teamKRW 230 million(up to USD 209thousand)(excluding overhead cost)
Large research centerKRW 450 million(up to USD 409 thousand)(excluding overhead cost)
Research group support (SSK-Networking and group for outcome dissemination and publicity)Researchers in social sciences3 yearsKRW 270 million(up to USD 245thousand)(including overhead cost)

* Including convergent humanities-social sciences fields

** Principal investigators must be full-time university faculty in social sciences

· Contact

KEUM, Kyo Jin, Institute Programs in Humanities & Social Sciences,

· Project process

Fostering outstanding research groups: No new projects


Research group support

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