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Support Program for College Development

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Directorate for Academic Research

· Program objective

Voluntary agreement (Type 1): Support the overall innovation of (87) universities subject to voluntary improvement measures based on the results of the 2018 basic diagnosis of university capacity, in line with each university’s mid- and long-term development plans


Capacity enhancement (Type 2): Support the 10 of 36 universities selected for capacity enhancement measures based on the results of the 2018 basic diagnosis of university capacity to promote the establishment of a strategic characterization and adjustment to an appropriate size on the condition of conducting a maximum capacity reduction and restructuring


Leading future generations (Type 3): Provide various student-tailored vocational education programs and strengthen cooperation between local communities and industries to meet regional demands for life-long vocational education opportunities

· Program details

Research areas: Areas related to voluntary agreement, capacity enhancement, and future generation leadership initiatives


Eligibility: Universities subject to voluntary agreement and capacity enhancement measures as a result of the 2018 basic diagnosis of university capacity


Summary: Provide support for project expenses (expenses for the improvement of the educational environment, the purchase and operation of equipment, and the development and operation of educational courses and programs)


Period: 3 years


Funding: KRW 290.786 billion (USD 261.7 million*)

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

· Contact

KIM, Han Seol; College Education Programs (

· Project process
Jan. 2019
(Type 1) Mar. 2019
(Type 2) Mar. 2019
(Type 3) Apr. 2019
(Type 2) Apr. 2019
(Type 3) Jun. 2019
(Type 2) May 2019
(Type 3) Jun. 2019