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Research Leader Program

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Directorate for Basic Research in Science & Engineering

· Program objective

Cultivate basic research capacity through individual-level research support and assist the advancement and development of research

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Research areas: All S&T areas


Eligibility: University faculty (full-time, part-time) in S&E and researchers in national/public, government-funded and private research institutes


Summary: Produce global research leaders through intensive support for in-depth research of world-class researchers to ensure the development of independent scientific technology and new technology in the future


Period: (Type 1) 9 years (3+3+3), (Type 2) 5 years (3+2)


Funding: (Type 1) Up to annual average of KRW 800 million (USD 727 thousand), (Type 2) Up to annual average of KRW 800~1,500 million (thousand 727 thousand ∼ 1,364 thousand)

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MOON, Seong Gu, Individual Research Programs,

· Project process
Nov. 2018
Dec. 2018
Jan. 2019∼May 2019
Jan. 2019∼May 2019