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Professional Experienced Personnel Invitation Program

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Directorate for Academic Research

· Program objective

Invite prestigious scientists with abundant R&D experience and high-level policy managers and executives at national institutions, industries and research institutes to contribute to regional development and transmit their expert knowledge and experience accumulated throughout their employment to the next generations


Produce regionally educated researchers with comprehensive management capacity including the ability to apply S&T based on their experience of education and research at regional universities in S&T and humanities and social sciences

· Program details

Research areas: All areas in S&T and humanities and social sciences


Eligibility: Government high-level policy managers and former high-level figures at research institutes and industries


Support details and period: Research grants, 3 years (2+1)


Funding: KRW 3 million per person/month (USD 2,700 thousand)

· Contact

LEE, Hue Kyung, HR Development in Science & Technology,

· Project process
Mar. and Sep. 2019
Apr. and Oct. 2019
Jun. and Nov. 2019
Jul. and Dec. 2019