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Research Subsidies for Ph.D. Candidates

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Directorate for Basic Research in Science & Engineering

· Program objective

Provide support for creative and challenging ideas related to doctoral dissertation research by Ph.D. candidates (includes master’s and doctoral program students, and those who have completed a doctoral program)

· Program details

Research areas: All S&E areas


Eligibility: S&E students in doctoral programs (including integrated master-doctoral programs) and students who have completed a doctoral program


Summary: Provide support for training expenses


Period: 2 years (1+1)


Funding: KRW 20 million (USD 18 thousand*) annually, including overhead costs

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

· Contact

PARK, Sang Yong; Academic Research Programs in S&T (

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Dec. 2018
Jun. 2019
Jul. 2019
Aug. 2019