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Korea-China (NRF-NSFC) Joint Research Cooperation Program

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Directorate for International Affairs

· Program objective

In line with the MoU between the NRF and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), support cooperative research and joint seminars between researchers from the two countries, thereby securing access to the latest S&T knowledge, as well as expanding networks among researchers in Korea and China

· Program details

Period: 2 years


Research areas: All S&T areas and management science


Eligibility: Researchers affiliated with “universities” (including affiliated research institutes) and “research institutions” as defined under Article 2 of the Sciences Promotion Act, who are eligible to apply for projects in the name of the head of the relevant institution



Up to KRW 15 million (CNY 87 thousand*) per project

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 CNY = 170 KRW


Summary: Provide support for direct costs incurred from performing research or holding joint seminars

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Jeong, Seungmo, International Exchange Programs Team (