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Science and Technology Support Program

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Directorate for International Affairs

· Program objective

Strengthen the S&T capacity of developing nations by supporting cooperative S&T projects between universities and research institutes in Korea and those nations

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Research areas: S&T areas


Eligibility: Institutions suitable for ODA (Official Development Assistance), such as schools, research institutes, and legal entities under the International Science and Technology Cooperation Regulations



Details of the program

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    (Inter-institutional cooperation) Conducting various cooperative activities to strengthen the S&T capacity of developing countries, such as surveys on local demand and analyses of domestic circumstances, networking and other R&D, technology guidance and transfer, and S&T advisory services

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    (Global issue resolution hub) Establishing hubs for the resolution of global issues in key cities in developing nations (formerly the Suitable S&T Hub Center) and supporting R&D, fostering talent, and promoting commercialization by dispatching Korean scientists

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    (Global technology sharing center) Supporting domestic and international ODA activities in S&T areas such as the expansion of S&T ODA networks, supporting the improvement of outcomes from local hubs in developing countries, popularizing S&T ODA, and fostering human resources


⦁(Inter-institutional cooperation) 1–3 years;
⦁(Global issue resolution hub) 4 years (2+2 years);
⦁(Global technology sharing center) Up to 1 year


⦁(Inter-institutional cooperation) Up to KRW 100 million (USD 91 thousand*) annually;
⦁(global issue resolution hub) KRW 500 million (USD 455 thousand*) annually;
⦁(global technology sharing center) KRW 30–80 million (USD 27–73 thousand*) annually
* approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

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CHOI, Narae; International Development & ODA (