Program Information
· Program

Brain Korea 21 PLUS

· Directorate

Directorate for Academic Research

· Program objective

Strengthen the educational and research capacity of outstanding graduate schools and the fostering of next-generation researchers to improve future national competitiveness

· Program details

Research areas: All areas in the humanities, social sciences, S&T, and convergence


Eligibility: 525 project groups (teams) at 65 universities nationwide


Summary: Research scholarships for graduate students*, wages for young researchers, globalization expenses, operating expenses for project groups, and overhead costs

* At least KRW 600,000/month for MS candidates, KRW 1 million/month for Ph.D. candidates, and KRW 2.5 million/month for young researchers


Period: 7 years (2.5 years+4.5 years)


Funding: Funding: KRW 272.417 billion (USD 245.1million) in 2019 (including KRW 2.559 billion in evaluation and management expenses) 

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

· Contact

Seo, Hyung Gwan; HR Development Promotion (


Kim, Neung Sup; HR Development Promotion (


Chung, Hyuk; HR Development Promotion (


Lee, Jung Min; HR Development Promotion (


Kim, Myeong Jin; HR Development Promotion (


Shin, Hee Jeong; HR Development Promotion (


Lee, Soo Ji; HR Development Promotion (


Lim, Yong Taek; HR Development Promotion (

· Project process

2019 comprehensive evaluation

Announcement of comprehensive evaluation format and indicators
Apr. 2019
Receipt of comprehensive evaluation report
Sep. 2019
Comprehensive evaluation
Oct. 2019
Provision of rewards and incentives
Jan. 2020


Planning of follow-up projects of BK21 Plus

Awarding policy research assignment
Jan.-Jun. 2019
Public hearing and briefing
Jun.-Jul. 2019
Receipt of selection evaluation report
Mar. 2020
Selection evaluation
May 2020