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Nuclear Energy Technology Development Program

· Directorate

Directorate for National Strategic R&D Programs

· Program objective

Develop core nuclear technology to improve stability of nuclear plants and solve pending issues with a focus on the safety and life of people

· Program details

Research areas: R&D related to nuclear power


Eligibility: Government-funded research institutes, universities, and companies


Support details

Support details
Nuclear safetyFurther, develop technology and strengthen field application to improve the safety of active nuclear plants with a focus on life and safety of people (KRW 39,028 million)
Future reactor systemDevelop core technology for 4G nuclear power system (Gen-IV) with improved nuclear nonproliferation, economic value, safety and sustainability (KRW 18,550 million)
Nuclear fuel cycleDevelop core technology for nuclear fuel cycle based on nuclear nonproliferation and international competitiveness to ensure sustainable development of nuclear power (KRW 45,653 million)
Original nuclear technologyDevelop core original technology that has a significant effect of the preoccupation of technology in the nuclear sector and secure advanced nuclear technology (KRW 6,606 million)

※ Funding amount may change upon agreement between nations.


Period: Around 5 years (3+2)


Funding: Annually around KRW 100~17,000 million/project (USD 91~15,455 thousand)

· Contact

CHOI, JaeWoo, Nuclear Technology,

· Project process
Aug. 2018(I-NERI*)
Aug. 2018(I-NERI*)
Sep. and Oct. 2018(I-NERI*)
Dec. 2018(I-NERI*)

* I-NERI: U.S.- ROK International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative

※ Except for I-NERI, there will be no new project as this is a sunset program.