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Engineering Research Center (ERC)

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Directorate for Basic Research in Science & Engineering

· Program objective

Developcore research areas with global competitiveness and improve national basic research capacity by discovering and fostering outstanding research groups with creativity and excellence


Produce next-generation creative and convergent researchers through group research and create quality jobs for young researchers

· Program details

Research areas: Engineering areas


Eligibility: University research groups with 10-15 researchers


Summary: Produce basic research results that can be connected with original and applied research and serve as a hub for industry-university cooperation within universities by producing outstanding research groups in engineering


Period: Up to 7 years

※ Follow-up support for 3 years after the end of the research period for projects with outstanding performance


Funding: Annually up to KRW 2,000 million (USD 1,818 thousand)

· Contact

Shin, Hui Jin, Group Research Programs,

· Project process
Nov. 2018
Feb. 2019
Mar. 2019∼May 2019
Mar. 2019∼May 2019