Program Information
· Program

Korea-Oceania Joint Research Program

· Directorate

Directorate for International Affairs

· Program objective

Perform joint research in areas favorable to the relationships between Korea-Australia and Korea-New Zealand, and conduct research and establish networks to improve understanding of S&T areas in each country

· Program details

Research areas: S&T areas agreed upon by the inter-governmental joint S&T committee (New Zealand: polar research, functional foods / Australia: IT, BT)


Eligibility: Researchers affiliated with institutions and organizations under Article 14 (1) of the Basic Research Promotion and Technology Development Support Act


Summary: Provide support for direct costs and overhead costs incurred in conducting joint research with the partner country


Period: (Korea-New Zealand) 3 years / (Korea-Australia) 2 years


Funding: (Korea-New Zealand) KRW 29 million (USD 26 thousand*) annually;
(Korea-Australia) KRW 44 million (USD 40 thousand*) annually

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW 


· Contact

SHIN, Jihye; Asian & African Affairs (