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Post-Doc Domestic and Overseas Training

· Directorate

Directorate for Basic Research in Science & Engineering

· Program objective

Provide post-doc researchers in S&E with opportunities to undergo training at domestic and overseas universities and research institutes to maintain research continuity and foster their independent research capacity

· Program details

Research areas: All areas in S&E


Eligibility: (Domestic) Those who obtained a doctoral degree at a domestic or overseas university within 7 years (Overseas) Who obtained a doctoral degree at a domestic university within 7 years


Summary: Training expenses


Period: (Domestic) 1∼3 years (1+1+1), (Overseas) 1 year


Funding: Annually KRW 45 million (USD 40 thousand) (including overhead cost)

· Contact

Jo, Chan Hui, Academic Research Programs in S&T,

· Project process
Dec. 2018
Feb. 2019 (Overseas) Jun. 2019 (Domestic)
Mar. 2019 (Overseas) Jul. 2019 (Domestic)
Aug. 2019