Program Information
· Program

The Supporting Program for National University

· Directorate

Directorate for Academic Research

· Program objective

Promote national universities as hubs for relevant region, education, research and innovation through intensive support for their public roles, thereby creating an ecosystem for the development of regional higher education and leading balanced development of the nation

· Program details

Research areas: Support all areas based on universities’ autonomous business plans in connection with the program objective, such as national universities’ contributions to education, research, and local community


Eligibility: 39 national universities


Summary: National universities’ contribution to the local community, expansion of opportunities for higher education, promotion of basic studies, network vitalization, and building of specialized strategies and development models


Period: 5 years


Funding: Average KRW 3,823 million/project (USD 3,440 thousand)

· Contact

HYUN, Kyo Jin, University Education Programs Team 1,

· Project process
Mar. 2019
Apr. 2019
May 2019

* In this program, the evaluation results are used only for the purpose of different payment of project expenses.