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Disaster-Safety Platform Technology Development Program

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Directorate for National Strategic R&D Programs

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Develop technology and services that are commonly necessary for the development of technology in various disaster-safety areas or that can be easily applied to individual ministries and disaster situations in order to swiftly and effectively respond to the demands in the field

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Research areas: S&E (disaster detection, prediction, and response technology)


Eligibility: Research group (researchers of industry-university-research institutes)


Summary: R&D for disaster platform technology and individual disasters commonly required for various disasters

* (Disaster detection platform) Standardized system to automatically detect abnormalities from various sensor data and efficiently manage and comprehensively process and use such data (Disaster prediction platform) Integrated data simulation to predict the occurrence of various disasters and composite disasters and the scale of damage (Disaster response platform) Technology to trace materials and find location that can be commonly used in multiple disaster scenes


Period: 2 years, 3 years (2+1), 4 years (1+2+1)


Funding: Annually around 2,000~3,000 million/project (USD 1,818~2,727 thousand)

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GO, Eun Sil, Fundamental Research Team,

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May 2019
Jun. 2019
Jul. 2019
Jul. 2019