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Disaster-Safety Platform Technology Development Program

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Directorate for National Strategic R&D Programs

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Develop technology and services that are commonly necessary across a variety of disaster-prone areas, or that can be easily applied to the needs of individual ministries or to a wide range of disaster situations in order to swiftly and effectively respond to various demands in the field

· Program details

Research areas: S&E (disaster detection, prediction, and response technology)


Eligibility: Research groups (industry-university-research institute researchers)


Summary: Provide support for R&D for disaster platform-related technology and technology commonly required for various disasters

 * (Disaster detection platform) A standardized system that automatically detects abnormalities from various sensor data and efficiently manages and comprehensively processes and utilizes such data; (Disaster prediction platform) An integrated data simulation that predicts the occurrence of various disasters and composite disasters and the scale of damage; (Disaster response platform) Technology to trace materials and find locations that can be commonly used in multiple disaster scenarios


Period: 2 years, 3 years (2+1), 4 years (1+2+1)


Funding: 2–3 billion (USD 1.818–2.727 million*) per project per year

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

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GO, Eun Sil; Public & Fundamental Technology (

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