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Masterwork Translation

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Directorate for Humanities & Social Sciences

· Program objective

Provide an exemplary foundation for translations based on translations of Eastern and Western masterworks, and support the transmission of academic outcomes to future generations


Improve the general public’s accessibility to Eastern and Western masterworks by translating them into Korean that is readily understandable

· Program details

Research areas: Humanities and social sciences (including arts and sports)


Eligibility: Researchers who have at least one independent translated publication, or one publication translated by no more than 4 co-translators


Summary: Provide translation research expenses for qualified books (top-down)


Period: 2–3 years


Funding: Funding to be provided is based on the volume and difficulty of the designated books

· Contact

LEE, Hae Gun; Researcher Programs in Humanities & Social Sciences (

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Jan. 2019
Mar. 2019
May 2019
Jul. 2019