Program Information
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PM2.5 National Strategic Project

· Directorate

Directorate for National Strategic R&D Programs

· Program objective

Develop technology to fundamentally and scientifically solve the issue of fine dust and present reasonable technology and practical action plans to reduce the release of and exposure to fine dust in connection with related policies

· Program details

Research areas: R&D, verification and commercialization, global cooperation initiatives to address the issues of fine dust such as:
① generation and inflow, ② measurement and prediction, ③ collection and reduction, and ④ protection of the public’s livelihood


Eligibility: Universities, government-funded research institutes, and companies


Summary: Provide R&D expenses



Period: 2017–2019 (total of 3 years)


Funding: KRW 45.703 billion (USD 41.548 million*) per project

 * approximation based on exchange rate of 1 USD = 1,100 KRW

· Contact

LEE, Yun Jeong; Public & Fundamental Technology (

· Project process

Not applicable to new projects (project groups)