NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea)

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Funding Process
Funding Process

Establishment of Program Implementation Plan (Basic Plan)

- Establish a program plan for the pertinent year

- Identify core agendas and potential improvements


Announcement of Programs

- Publish said items on websites of MSIT, MOE, NRT and the NTIS


Receipt of Applications

- Submit a project application


Establishment of Selection Screening Plan

- Establish an implementation plan for each Review phase

- Establish a plan including the Review method, budget allocation, and selection quota


Review and Project Selection

- Preliminary review (review of qualifications), expert Review (online, panel discussion , presentations, etc.), and comprehensive Review

- Review outcomes, deliberate and determine a decision on selection (proposal)


Notification of Selection and Conclusion of Agreement

- Notify selection

- Conclude agreement and disburse research grants


Follow-up Management

- Manage progress

- Conduct phase-based and final Review

- Analyze Review outcomes and performance management, etc

Relevant Regulations

Regulations on Management of National Research and Development Projects (Presidential Decree)


Regulations on Management of Research and Development for Science and Technology Projects under the MSIT (Ordinance of the MSIT)


Regulations on Management of Research and Development for Science and Engineering Projects under the MOE (Ordinance of the MOE)


Regulations on Management of Academic Support for Humanities and Social Sciences Projects (Ordinance of the MOE), etc.