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[Call for Proposal] NRF-JSPS Bilateral Collaboration 2022 (Joint Research Project and Joint Seminar)
Writer KIM, Ji-min
Date 2021-06-10 15:35:09.0
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The National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF), upon the agreement with Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS), announces the call for the “Bilateral Collaboration(Joint Research Project and Joint Seminar) 2022”.

June 10th, 2021

Roe, Jung-Hye
National Research Foundation of Korea

For details, please see the attachment(one ZIP file).


※ The maximum number* of Research and Development task that one researcher may perform simultaneously is inapplicable to this program.
* S&T(3 projects as PI, 5 project as Co-I) / Humanities and social science(1 project as PI, 3 project as Co-I)

※ An applicant can apply for only one category(Joint Research Project or Joint Seminar) at a time, and participate in only one project whether as a Principal Investigator(PI) or as a participating researcher.

※ ONLY jointly(simultaneously) submitted proposals are subject to evaluation.  So the applicant is encouraged to check the period of submission and its results with his/her partner researcher.

※ An applicant can choose only ONE subject area(referred to the call text), and it MUST BE CORRESPOND to the Japanese partner‘s.  

※ A proposal title should be exactly identical between the partners.

※ It is recommend that an applicant updates his/her KRI* researcher information in advance, as it may take a few days for the system to be reflected.

*Korea Researcher Information ( / Phone: +82 (0)42-869-7744)

※ Please check the other notes in the call text attched.

< English and Japanese Call Text at JSPS webiste >

[English version]
[Japanese version]