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Project Planning Portal
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Review Board areas : 76 (169 reviewers)
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Members of the public are also always welcome to propose new technologies and ideas

E-R&D visitors
180,000 per month
Annual data production
300,000 items per annum
Evaluator pool

Integrated research project system to ensure efficient management of national R&D projects

Korean Research Memory (KRM)
Academic theses

Comprehensive source of research outcomes and information on the humanities and social sciences

Research preformance collection
Introductory materials on outcomes

Equipped with introductory materials and maps that provide easy summaries of R&D

Korea Citation Index (KCI)

KCI accredited (candidate) journals
- KCI Accredited Journals : 2,095
- KCI Candidate Journals : 343
Academic organizations

The Korea Citation Index (KCI) provides analyses of citation relations among theses

Job Creation
Create jobs based on the research life cycle

109.2% of goal achieved

Goal : 7,150 / Outcome : 7,807

Foster talent suited to today’s society

Field-connected joint education programs : expanded to 192

Achieve a 100% direct employment rate

Level of satisfaction with shifting to permanent employment  

4.11 / 5 points

Establishment of a Healthy Research Culture
Take measures to cut down on fake conferences

Produce and distribute a guide for avoiding fake conferences

Theses published in fake journals reduced by 71%

Strengthen research ethics training and lab safety

86,230 participated in research ethics training over the past three years Safety guidance and inspection expanded (471 cases) and the number of deaths from accidents reached zero

Improve human rights of graduate students in research fields

New human rights centers were established (8 universities) and a Bill of Rights for Graduate Students was promulgated

Efforts for innovation conducted with the general public
Diffuse and share research outcomes with the public

Friday Science Touch Lectures were attended by 26,676 participants

Humanities lectures were attended by 187,483 participants

Increase the amount of academic information shared with the public
Thesis data 7.42 million items
Project data 1.14 million items
Outcome data 8.4 million items