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Message from the President
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I am Lee, Kwang-bok, President of the National Research Foundation of Korea.
Welcome to our website.

The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) was launched in 2009 as a representative organization specialized in research management in Korea by integrating Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Korea Research Foundation and Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science and Technology. The NRF plans, evaluates and manages all projects related to academic and R&D activities of universities, research institutes and industries covering all areas of humanities, social sciences and engineering.

The Republic of Korea has an experience of rising from one of the poorest countries in the world and joining the ranks of advanced countries within the shortest time in the world history based on its academic research and advancement of science and technology. However, new attempts and responses are required in this challenging time when we need to find a solution to various macroscopic and microscopic issues such as competition for hegemony between the US and China, COVID-19 crisis, advancement of artificial intelligence, climate change and energy issues.

Under this circumstance, the NRF intends to be a platform that gathers the wisdom to prepare for a transformation together with universities, governments, research institutes and industries based on a researcher network that is larger and more robust than that of any other institutions and data and experience accumulated over decades.

We are committed to leading the direction for our academic and research ecosystem in Korea. In addition, we will live up to the expectations of the public by expanding the academic horizon together with researchers on the basis of the quantitative growth we have built up so far, creating innovative and sustainable research results and establishing the foundation for Korea to take another leap forward.

Innovation in science and technology and insight on humanities through talent development and R&D activities are the key to responding to the transformation in human history wisely.

We will build creative, motivating and stable environment for basic research and ensure researcher-centered support system for each academic field.

We will discover growth engines for Korea by supporting national research projects in the field of strategic technologies and new industries for the future.

In addition, we will pursue a balanced development between academic research in humanities and research in science and technology fields by providing stable support for academic research in humanities and nurturing future generations in these fields.

At the same time, we will also play a key role in fostering future talents who will drive changes and advancement in our society.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all researchers who are dedicating themselves to research behind the scenes for a brighter future of Korea. The NRF is committed to being an organization that provides hope to the public and can be trusted by researchers.

Thank you,

Lee, Kwang-bok Roe, Jung-Hye

President, National Research Foundation of Korea