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[Call for Proposal] [Application Period Extended] Bilateral Collaboration between S. Korea and Sweden 2020 - Joint Research on Infectious Diseases
Writer Eunjeong Yang
Date 2020-06-11 13:44:49.0
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1. Application Deadline (modified on August 24th, previous deadline for Korea was August 25th)

   Korea (NRF): September 9th 2020 (6 pm, local time Korea)

   Sweden (VR): September 15th 2020 (2 pm, CET)

   Start date for selected projects (December 1st 2020) has not been changed.


2. Focus

   Joint research activities that can provide results in a relatively short timeframe such as new methods and products – developing vaccines, medical hardware, drugs, diagnostic tools as well as developing best practices for caring COVID-19 infected individuals 

   Epidemiology related research such as modeling technology that predicts the spread of COVID-19 infection through mathematical and statistical analysis, as well as research related to infection tracking and quarantine system


3. Grant Amount

   Korea: 150 million KRW per project

   Sweden: 1.5 million SEK per project


4. Grant Period: 13 months (December 1st 2020 – December 31st 2021)


5. Application Procedure

   Korea: NRF operates ERND system ( for Korean PIs to apply

   Sweden: VR operates Prisma ( for Swedish PIs to apply (


6. Please refer to the website and attached call text for details

 Link to NRF’s website (in Korean)

 Link to VR’s website


7. Contacts

   Korea: Eunjeong Yang, American & European Affairs, NRF (+82 2 3460 5618, 

   Sweden: Magnus Friberg, VR (+46 8 546 44 122,