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Message from the President
Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the website of National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF) website.
The NRF intends to set the direction of the nation’s basic and applied research across all academic disciplines, lead changes in future-oriented research ecosystems, and become a platform and facilitator of interaction among universities, research institutes and researchers.

To achieve the goals outlined above, the NRF will

Create a research environment and culture where researchers autonomously establish new and challenging research topics and engage in research with minimal burden.

Continue to optimize its working process to allow talented and passionate researchers to have confidence in securing stable financial support through fair competition and predictable procedures.

Respect research outcomes generated through responsible research and facilitate communicating their significance to the public.

Set forth a desirable direction in fostering future talent and enhancing university competencies.

Promote global cooperation and international exchanges in broad fields of academic research.

Roe, Jung-Hye

President, National Research Foundation of Korea